Uniform Cleanliness & Water Bottles

Uniform Cleanliness & Water Bottles

We keep a water fountain with fresh, filtered and cold water for all our students. As part of the welcome package, we gave all students an Alliance water bottle.

Let’s do our part and help save the world. As per Monday, April 15th, we won’t provide more plastic cups. Please make sure you bring your Alliance or any other water bottle and keep hydrated.

We’d like also to bring to your attention a very important subject –¬†CLEANLINESS

Due to the nature of grappling and the diseases that can come from close contact between people, the uniform should be washed after each class.

As with most cotton products, a cotton Kimono must be laundered in cold water and line dried to avoid shrinkage.[ This is important to most Jiu-Jitsu practitioners as even pre-shrunk gi material has a tendency to shrink further in hot water and a hot dryer cycle.

To preserve the life of the Kimono, bleaching is highly discouraged, as this can weaken the fibers of the material and cause them to tear more easily. Line drying in bright sunlight is commonly suggested to help remove smells from the gi, due to the bacterial killing properties of UV light.

Please make sure while in class, all our students are wearing a full and clean uniform (kimono + rashguard).

If you don’t have yet, lost or need an extra one, we are offering 10% OFF until April 19th.