4x World Champion
6th degree Black Belt

Born in 1970 in Rio de Janeiro, Fabio started his career in Jiu Jitsu at 13 years old. At 16, after winning a few titles as a blue belt and purple belt he became an instructor in the academy Jacare Jiu Jitsu. At 19 he was promoted to black belt, being the first black belt from Master Romero Jacare.


Fabio Gurgel is regarded as one of the top coaches in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The head instructor and leader of Alliance at the Sao Paulo head quarters, Fabio Gurgel was also one of the best jiu jitsu competitors of his generation with many important titles to his name, such as World Champion, Brazilian National champion and European Open champion.


In 2010 Fabio Gurgel put his name on the BJJ record book when he competed and won the European Open, one of the top events in the jiu jitsu calender, at the age of 40, just a few months after he celebrated his 20th year as a jiu jitsu black belt.



2x Pan Ams Champion
5th degree Black Belt

A life longer martial artist, Rodrigo is of one the best instructors and competitors of his generation. Starting Judo at the early age of 4 and Jiu Jitsu at 8, he was exposed to the best instructors and was able to build a solid and strong foundation allied with a fearless spirit in competition, achieving multiple organizations world championships. Rodrigo found in Alliance a team who values, organization, training parts to excel. Besides teaching professional fighters, beginners, kids, executives, Law Enforcements and Special Forces, he competed and medaled in important tournaments such as Pan Ams, Worlds Masters, Worlds No Gi, Metamoris, Brazilian Nationals, American Nationals and the Rio State Championships.


“Jiu Jitsu is a great tool that not only teaches martial arts and delf defense but gives you confidence to go out and be great at whatever you do! Whether you are a young kid in school, a Doctor, a Police officer, a teacher, a mother, a father, or a future World Champion, Jiu Jitsu will give you the wisdom to be successful!”


Still an active competitor, Rodrigo was inducted to 2018 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He also holds a rank of Black Belt in Judo, Hayastan Grappling and Ginastica Natural Certified Instructor. Rodrigo resides in Key Biscayne, FL with his beautiful wife and his 2 young daughters (4 and 6 yrs old) , both learning Jiu Jitsu.