Jiu Jitsu is Back

Jiu Jitsu is Back

Dear Alliance Family

We hope you are all healthy and safe.


Since the very first day we were unable to teach in-person classes, we moved to 16 classes per week on Zoom and posted 22 YouTube classes for Parents & Kids. We had average 20 students per class on Zoom. That was awesome!

Our team (instructors and staff) didn’t stop a single day. We took a lot of new certification courses, revised our curriculum, remodeled our studio and worked many and many hours per day getting ready to serve you better.

Our partners Coach Klaus Sa and Coach Ale Furtado dedicated their time and knowledge to offer FREE fitness courses for Mom’s (May) and Dad’s (June).


Some martial arts, yoga studios and small dojos are permanently closed and won’t be able to offer this valuable service to their community when we go back to normal.

Our landlord gave us zero support. We had to pay full rent and we receive zero support / loan / relief from SBA or any other government, but we were able to pay those expenses and full salary for our instructors, since they are the one who reproduce our unique methodology to you and your family.


We only could make it because of this amazing community, and we are happy to announce that we are back!

Most of us need to be back on the mats urgently for physical, social and mental reasons. Our Phase 1 should start in June 8th.

We will have special precautions in place to make your training as safe as possible and respecting CDC guidelines. Please see below our “new prevention protocol”


We are adding many more classes and since academic school is over, you can bring your child to Jiu Jitsu classes in the morning and in the afternoon at your best convenience and you don’t pay anything else more for that, Our 2x week package will allow you to take unlimited classes at no extra cost and you don’t have to spend money at expensive summer camps.

All After School Students will now have the opportunity to attend our classes at our studio either in the morning or in the afternoon, or even Saturday!

On Fridays, we are considering offering Day Camps, so we can drop your child early morning and pick up in the end of the afternoon. We will send more information about it in a separate email.

For our Adult Program we added more classes for Fundamentals and Intermediate levels.

We also happy to announce we are offering Yoga Classes at our studio as well.

For those not comfortable yet to be back to our studio, we will still offer 4 zoom classes per week both in the morning and in the afternoon.





1. All students must sign the new COVID-19 waiver before resuming activities.
2. Participants per class will be limited to 10 students
3. To participate in a class, registration prior to class is required during this phase to ensure class size limitation [website or phone].
4. We will have shorter classes to allow disinfecting procedures between classes.
5. The mat will be limited by marks indicating student positioning during class to maintain adequate spacing.
6. For this phase, spectators will not be permitted to avoid crowding, and maintain small group size.
7. Parents/guardians/siblings should drop off and pick up the kids. They will be supervised at all times.
8. Please don’t arrive early or stay longer after your class so that crowding may be limited.
9. Kindly come dressed with your uniform (clean pants and rash guards) and sandals or flip flops. Kimono tops and belts should be in a bag or back pack.
10. Shower and always wash your Gi after class. Gis must be in pristine condition or you will be asked not to train.
11. No sparring during phase 1.
12. No visitors from other schools, only members in good standing conditions may attend classes during this phase.
13. Water fountain will not be in use during this phase. Kindly bring bottled water, no water bottles for sale.
14. All immune compromised individuals [“high risk group”] should abstain from training for their own safety. Please use your best judgement.
15. .If you are showing any symptoms, coughing, or fever please do not attend class. If symptoms of infectious illness are observed, you will likely be asked to abstain from training until such symptoms clear.
16. Temperature will be checked at the door with contact- less thermometer at the door.
17. Mask may be worn.
18. Those attending classes must wash hands upon arrival and before leaving.

Thank you for taking care of our school and members.
Train safe.